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EWA Turkey 2022 Demo (Pitch) Day

The closing ceremony of the EWA programme in Turkey will be held online on November 30th. There, the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase all the hard work they have put in over the previous 6 months.

Wed, November 30, 2022

The closing event of the EWA Programme in Turkey will be held online on the 30th of November. After all the training, mentoring and networking opportunities offered, the Turkish Pitch Day has just arrived: the ten 2022 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase all the work they have done over the last six months. They will present the business ideas they have developed together with the programme's mentors.

The pitching competition will award the two best Turkish ideas with a prize of €10.000 and €5.000, respectively.

The 10 entrepreneurs for the third edition of EWA Turkey

  • Berfu Safranbolulu, Burcu Tamkoç - Porion: Porion manufactures a pocket-portable, easy-to-use and rechargeable biosensor for people with celiac disease that can detect gluten in all kinds of foods within minutes and at sensitive levels.
  • Deniz Sapaz - SoilBiome: SoilBiome develops a plant-specific fertilizer supplement that increases plant resistance and yield with endophytic bacteria to be detected at species level by eDNA method.
  • Deniz Yoldaç - Limonita: Limonita is a vegan butcher that produces vegan cuisine and vegetable meat, working for a sustainable world that respects the right to life of all living things.
  • Dilara Üzünlü - T2B: T2B provides beekeeping automation, vital data collection, data analysis, operations planning and operations control.
  • Ece Cankat - Şarapp: Şarapp offers a mobile application that is created by the combination of wine, which has an important role in the world of gastronomy, and technology.
  • Nerve Cansu İşeri - Bionome: Bionome is working on the microalgae-based recombinant production of CBD oil.
  • Selin Arslan - Farmhood: Farmhood develops healthy foods that have not lost their naturalness by utilizing food technologies, especially the Freeze Dry method, to protect agricultural resources, increase the value of agricultural production and reduce waste.
  • Semra Ünal Yıldırım - Sumatrix: Sumatrix uses bacteria to convert organic waste into biodegradable biocellulose polymers.
  • Sena Tarım, Gökçe Tidim - Biopols: By using biopolymer composites enriched with natural molecules, Biopols ensures that foods are kept fresh for a longer period of time.
  • Tuğba Özbek - NFS Natural Functional Solutions: NFS enriches daily foods with functional nutrients obtained from natural sources, natural processes, and produces functional foods by taking food beyond nutrition.

Event agenda

16:00-16:05 | Welcoming session

16:05-16:20 | Keynote Speaker

16:20-18:10 | Startup Pitching

  • Berfu Safranbolulu | Porion
  • Deniz Sapaz | SoilBiome
  • Deniz Yoldaç | Limonita
  • Dilara Üzünlü | T2B
  • Ece Cankat | Şarapp


  • Nerve Cansu İşeri | Bionome
  • Selin Arslan | Farmhood
  • Semra Ünal Yıldırım | Sumatrix Biotech
  • Sena Tarım | Biopols
  • Tuğba Özbek | NFS Fonksiyonel Gıda

18:10-18:40 | Jury assessment / Panel in the Main Room

18:40-18:50 | Announcement of the Awards / Closing ceremony


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