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EWA Portugal Pitch Day

The closing event of the EWA Programme in Portugal will take place online on Wednesday, 30 November. There, the Portuguese EWA participants will showcase all the hard work they have put in over the previous 6 months.

Wed, November 30, 2022

The closing event of the EWA Programme in Portugal will take place online on 30 November. After all the training, mentoring and networking done, the 3rd edition of EWA in Portugal comes to an end and the Pitch Day arrives: the ten 2022 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase all the work they have done over the last six months. They will present the business ideas they have developed together with the programme's mentors.

The pitching competition will award the two best Portuguese ideas with a prize of €10.000 and €5.000, respectively.

The 10 Portuguese participants

  • Amo Kombucha - Raphaela and Paula created a range of kombucha, a long fermentation tea that serves as a healthy alternative to traditional drinks and soft drinks.
  • Circular e Saborear - Juliana is creating a platform that aims to help restaurants and cafes make the transition to the circular economy.
  • Fumeiro do Mar - Margarida transforms mackerel and mullet into smoked delicacies with high nutritional value without additives or colourings.
  • Horta de Fanares - Inês produces micro-vegetables using vertical agriculture, thus investing in an innovative and more sustainable form of production.
  • Hortee by FHLUD - Josane aims to shorten agrifood distribution chains and promote community farming by connecting local producers and consumers on its marketplace.
  • Madeira Banana Hearts - linda is creating healthy, sustainable, vegan foods and supplements by using banana flower as a meat/fish substitute.
  • MBP BioTech - Sara is working on a methodology to turn marine waste into multifunctional bioactive ingredients that can be used in food production.
  • Seeds4Kids - Anabela is promoting sustainable agriculture to children through her project that combines technology and farming practice.
  • Epicura - Irina is creating a project that aims to care for mind and body through food, offering integrated health consultations, food boxes and nutrition and consultancy services.
  • Zesty - Rosalia is offering her customers a variety of delicious chocolates that are locally produced, vegan and without gluten or added sugars.


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