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Inspire - Proteins for future
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Inspire - Proteins for future

3 weeks course to learn about entreneurship and innovation in alternative proteins


The main objectives of this programme are:

  • To train you to come of with innovative business ideas on how to substitute animal proteins with alternative proteins in the diet in order to reduce global greenhouse gas emission and to supply growing word population with healthy sources of dietary proteins. 
  • To train you, as a student, in entreprenurship training. Mixing it with future protein information to create new business ideas on how to change the global protein food system.
  • To train you to work in interdisciplinary teams in creating and pitching new ideas on ventures in alternative proteins with personal mentoring/coaching of teams by experts from universities, institutes, rising food stars, start ups and companies to keep students inspired, engaged and interested throughout the 3 weeks of the SS
  • To train you and your team to pitch your ideas in front of a professional jury. With feedback on ideas from jury and mentors. The three best teams will get prices 
  • To encourage further development of business ideas by giving prises to the three best teams



Integrating entrepreneurship training with innovation is a way to encourage young university students to create future career opportunities by contributing to solving global challenges of climate change and population.

The strong background and the scale of collaboration by European universities, institutes and companies is unique. The program is taught by highly skilled mentors in entrepreneurship from Technion in Israel, University of Cambridge and University of Reading in England and University of Aarhus, Denmark.

This is mixed with the longtime experience of University of Aarhus, Swiss Food Research and Matis ohf in Iceland in protein innovation and training. Their strength is also in linking academia with industry through innovation.

Your work in interdisciplinary teams with personal mentoring/coaching by experts from the universities, institutes, rising food stars, start ups and companies to keep you inspired, engaged and interested throughout the 3 weeks of the programme. The teams will finally receive a feedback on their ideas after pitching their ideas in front of an expert jury.

The programme amounts to 5 ECTS work. But in depends on respective universities if they accept it into the study programme  of the students.

Career Opportunities

Training in entreneurship and innovation in alternative proteins can create career opportunities for universitiy students and young entrepreneurs:

  • By them creating start ups based on the ideas developed during the summer school and other ideas
  • By boosting their changes of being employed by start ups, SME´s and bigger companies engaged in development, production and marketing of alternative proteins.
  • By improving their changes of being employed in local, national and international activitivities in administration, teaching and training
  • By improving their changes of being employed by NGO,s and media companies

This is supported by the fact this dietary shift has already underway and that alternative proteins are attracting considerable financial investment, research attention and interest in the media and by consumers.


Duration & Dates

The course lasts 3 weeks, from November 15th until December 3rd (final event) of 2021.

Course soon available

Structure & Modules

The course is divided into 4 modules.

  • Module 1: Kick off day With information on the structure of the program. Information on students, mentors. Team building.
  • Module 2: Entrepreneurship training Asynchronous videos/recordings (40 minutes each) on Entrepreneurship in a world of crisis; Championing change; Unpacking value; Being smart about intellectual property; Who is your customer? (Week 1). Idea-ating, prototyping; Is technology good; Design think of sustainability; Sustainability and carbon intelligence; Plugging into your start up ecosystem; IP trademarks and copyright; Shaping great ideas (Week 2). Business modelling; Building a business; Business model canvas; Pitching and communicating (Week 3). Introductory videos on students assignment: Problem tree; Problem solution fit followed by synchronous assessments ( Week 1 and 2). This is integrated with the content/activities in module 3. Evaluation: Multiple choice questions (Week 3).
  • Module 3: Protein for future information Asynchronous recordings ( 20 minutes each) on Introducing alternative proteins; Alternative protein nutritional value; Alternative proteins safety, Claims. Labeling. Regulations (Week 1). Value chains of alternative proteins; Consumers and markets; What is needed to produce alternative proteins (Week 2). Introductory video on students assignment: Go buy experience. Followed by evaluation and feedback ( Week 1 and 2). Evaluation: Multiple choice questions (Week 2).
  • Module 4: Bootcamp Five days synchronous activities on creation new business ideas on alternative proteins. With 4 days of idea labs with team working alone in breakout rooms. Starts with teams pitching ideas and matchmaking with mentors. Inspirational talk from Rising Food Stars and other companies. Overview talk and discussions on alternative protein. Presenting projects on Nextgen proteins and proteins from grass. On final day a talk on What is next? The journey of an entrepreneur. Pitching in from of jury of experts. Feedback. Closing ceremony. Handing out certificates/prices.

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Programme Leads

  • Gudjon Thorkelsson Matís Strategic Researcher
Partners MatísAarhus UniversitySwiss Food ResearchRisingFoodStars

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Inspire - Proteins for future

Inspire - Proteins for future

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