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Inspire - Targeted Nutrition
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Inspire - Targeted Nutrition

4 weeks course where you can develop your nutritional knowledge to devise a new product


As a learner, you will develop your knowledge about the nutritional needs of specific populations and how they differ from the general population. These will include infants, children, adolescents, or older adults. These groups will be targeted as they are those most at risk of nutritional deficiency or overnutrition, which can have implications for the development of non-communicable diseases and life-long ill health.

You will apply their knowledge of nutrition to devise a new product for a specific target group.


Integrating entrepreneurship training with innovation will encourage you, as a young university student, to create solutions to global challenges such as climate change and health.

The strong background and the scale of collaboration between European universities, institutes and companies is unique. The programme is taught by highly skilled mentors in entrepreneurship from the University of Reading, England, Basque Culinary Center, Grupoan and University of Aarhus, Denmark. This course will combine academia and industry through the innovation and development of new food concepts for specific target groups.

You will work in interdisciplinary teams with personal mentoring/coaching by experts from the universities, institutes, start-ups and companies throughout the 4 weeks of the summer school. The teams will finally receive feedback on their ideas after pitching them in front of an expert jury.

The course amounts to 5 ECTS. But it depends on respective universities if they accept it into the study programme of the students.

Career Opportunities

Training in entrepreneurship and innovation in targeted nutrition can create career opportunities for you as a university student, early career academic and young entrepreneur:

  • Through the creation of start-ups based on the ideas developed during the summer school and other ideas
  • By boosting their chances of being employed by start-ups, SME´s and bigger companies engaged in the development, production and marketing of new food products
  • By improving their chances of being employed in local, national and international activities in administration, teaching and training
  • By improving their chances of being employed by NGO,s and media companies

This is supported by the fact that the media's focus on nutrition and diet has accelerated in recent years and nutrition for health is attracting considerable financial investment, research attention and interest from consumers.

Duration & Dates

The course lasts 4 weeks, from 14th of March until 8th of April fo 2022.

Structure & Modules

Over a period of 4 weeks, the course will provide a dynamic and supportive environment for you to explore the development of food products for targeted consumer groups, develop your entrepreneurial mindset and learn how you can transform your ideas into business propositions.

You will be challenged in groups to develop healthy food products for a specified target group. Groups will be inspired through flipped classroom learning focused on the needs of each group, including market gaps and business opportunities, nutritional requirements and policy, and technological innovation. You will then be tasked with preparing a defined product specification, evaluate, and construct the progression of a new food product from the development stage to commercial production whilst considering product lifecycle and environmental impact. The projects will be supported by food industry representatives allowing students to gain creative thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills.

The Targeted Nutrition Inspire Course will take place online with a combination of online learning resources; and live interactive virtual sessions:

  • Monday 14th March: Access to online learning resources
  • Tuesday 15th March: Live Virtual Kick-off Event last 1.5 hours
  • Monday 14th March – Monday 4th April: Online learning activities to be completed asynchronously in your own time and at your own pace
  • Monday 4th April – Thursday 7th April: 4-day Live Target Nutrition Bootcamp where you will design and prototype your own Targeted Nutrition Food products
  • Friday 8th April: Live Targeted Nutrition Pitch Event with Prizes

The bootcamp will take place between 9am-1pm (UK time) with regular breaks, except for on Tuesday 5th April where an evening cookery demonstration and show case from Basques Culinary School will take place from 5-7pm. Learners will need to be able to work on tasks outside of these hours also.

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Programme Leads

  • Karen Miller University of Cambridge
  • Rachel Gomes University of Cambridge
Partners BCC Aarhus UniversityUniversity of ReadingGrupo AN S.CoopRisingFoodStars

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Inspire - Targeted Nutrition

Inspire - Targeted Nutrition

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