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RIS Inspire - Digitalization for Transparent Food Value Chains
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RIS Inspire - Digitalization for Transparent Food Value Chains

3 weeks course with a mix of asynchronous (learn at your own space) to learn about the world of transparent food value chains


A course for talented Master, PhD students and young professionals across Europe who want to fuel innovation in our food systems, by tackling the challenge of transparent food chains. Digitalisation of traceability can improve the safety, efficiency, value and sustainability of food chains and increase consumer trust.

This course responds to the need to support a new circular economy and to develop new talent in the multidisciplinary issues related to transparent food value chains, and create start up ideas! Through a number of talks from successful and innovative companies combined with competent mentorship you will collect knowledge and inspiration to develop unique start-up business ideas.

This RIS Inspire course offers a unique intensive immersion into the world of transparent food value chains and the business opportunities linked to the implementation of digital technologies.   


This program is unique in Europe, you are exposed to state of the art and new methodologies in entrepreneurship, as well as novel technologies, networking and one on one mentoring on a very novel area of food systems transformation: digital transparent value chains, looking at any type of digital technologies, from sensors, to IoT, from data science to distributed ledgers and blockchain.

You will be able to translate innovations into feasible business solutions for the food sector; think beyond boundaries, and systematically explore and generate new ideas, responding to current and future challenges within the food system.

Successful participation will strengthen your ability to organize cross-functional teams and effectively communicate with industry, municipalities and across different disciplines.

The training will be delivered by a mix of academic partners, but most importantly world renown experts and industry leaders in Corporate social responsibility. You will spend the last week in the bootcamp identifying the gaps and provide business focused solutions on how to advance the packaging sustainability agenda.

A monetary prize will be awarded to the three best business pitches!

A Certificate of attendance with ranking will be issued at participants that complete the training, with 4 ECTS. At the end of the school, you will be able to propose a packaging solution that is sustainable and includes business aspects.

Career Opportunities

This course will provide you with the experience of developing a start-up business idea designed to meet the challenges of todays need for transparent food supply chains.


Duration & Dates

The course lasts 3 weeks, from October 4th until November 22ed of 2021.


Course soon available

Structure & Modules

The course runs over a total of 3 weeks, with a mix of asynchronous (learn at your own pace) and synchronous events, including team work sessions and idea labs!

During the last week, you will be listening to a number of talks from professionals and entrepreneurs, and will work in groups to develop a sound business model. Then, you will prepare to pitch the venture ideas, and strengthen your business case together with the mentors. The last day there will be a final pitch competition with prizes for the best teams!

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Programme Leads

  • Milena Corredig University of Aarhus
  • Paola De Bernardi University of Turin
Partners University of TurinAarhus UniversityAGRICOLUS

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RIS Inspire - Digitalization for Transparent Food Value Chains

RIS Inspire - Digitalization for Transparent Food Value Chains

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