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The ROOT: rebooting the food system

EIT Food - System Transformation Leadership Programme 2022/2023


This is the time for the food system revolution!

We have been talking about it for a long time: our food system needs to change to keep our planet – and ourselves – healthy. Now is the time to act. We know the food system is complex, siloed and sticky. It has unwritten and written ‘rules’ and incentives that lead to unhealthy, unfair and unsustainable outcomes.

At the ROOT, we will trigger positive tipping points in the food system to change this.

Now is the time for an extraordinary community of change agents, innovators and accelerators to energise the necessary revolution in how we grow, trade, market and consume our food. Join this unique programme to value and utilise the potential of like-minded professionals from every corner of our food system. In this senior experiential leadership programme you will be invited to create, leverage and bring together your expertise to rewrite the rules of the game.

Senior leaders in the entire food system, including large food company representatives, policy makers, academia, journalist, foodies and other change agents and innovators, can participate in this fellowship.

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Right from the start, you will initiate real system changes within or beyond your organization. After the ROOT, you walk away with:

  • Knowledge that you can contribute to substantial, meaningful change
  • An invaluable network of like-minded change agents, from all corners of the food system
  • Crucial communication skills to bridge the silos within the food system
  • An inspiring transformative story to involve your network, the EIT Food network, selected media and beyond
  • A thorough understanding of our complex food system and drivers for change
  • A strategy for real food system transformation that is already being used
  • Practical tools and ways of working to become a systems changes leader
  • The ability to trigger positive tipping points towards a healthier, more sustainable and more just system

Duration & Dates

To be confirmed.

In the meantime, take a look at the promotional video:

Quotes from the facilitators of the programme:

Audience & Eligibility

Senior leaders in the entire food system


Professional education/senior leadership development


To be confirmed



Registration Open & Seats



In person and online
Course soon available

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Structure & Modules

To be confirmed

Programme lead

Rick Koster

Rick Koster

Owner/Trainer/Programme designer Leaderscope


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