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The Human Microbiome

Discover what the microbiome is, how it changes throughout your life, and the role it plays in good human health.


Learn how a healthy microbiome can combat disease.

The microbiome – the microbes that live within the human body – can have a huge impact on human health. As such, it’s vital to understand the complexity of the microbiome, and how it can impact on disease and wellbeing.

On this course, you’ll go on a fascinating journey into the human body – down to the gut – where the ecology and roles of the human microbiome will be narrated. You’ll explore how your microbiome changes throughout your life, reflect on the role of food in its modulation, and explain the functions the microbiome has in the gastrointestinal tract in daily life.

This course is for anyone interested in subjects related to the human microbiome, how food can influence it, and how this resultantly impacts on human health.


By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Describe how the human microbiome changes throughout the human life
  • Reflect on the role of food in the modulation of human microbiome
  • Explain the functions that human microbiome has in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Reflect on the links between human microbiome and diseases
  • Discuss the topics of the course and their relationship with daily life
  • Assess the complexity of the human microbiome communities

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Audience & Eligibility

Anyone interested in subjects related to the human microbiome






English, spanish

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Structure & Modules

Week 1: The Journey of Life

  • The composition of human microbiota
  • The functions of the gut microbiota
  • Physiological changes during the life-span
  • How to determine our gut microbiota

Week 2: The Journey of Food

  • The link between food and microbiome
  • Foods as vectors of microorganisms (fermented foods)
  • Food meets your gut microbiota
  • Influence of different bioactive food components on gut microbiome
  • Probiotics, prebiotics, postbiotics

Week 3: The Journey of Healthy to Unhealthy

  • The link between health and microbiome
  • Microbiota and human host partnership: when things go wrong (dysbiosis, leaky gut, etc.)
  • Gut microbiota and immune health (infections, allergy, inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Gut microbiota and metabolic health: gut-liver-adipose tissue axes
  • Gut microbiota and mental health: gut-brain axis


Vijay Koul

Just want to express my sincere and honest thanks for this wonderful course. Enjoyed the course from start to end. Thanks to all teachers and coordinators to make this course so informative and interesting.

Eileen Gilpin, Course Participant

I've learned so much about the relationship between food and our gut. This course has inspired me to eat more of certain food and less of others.

Programme lead

Foto personale
Luca Cocolin

Professor of Food Microbiology Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences at the University of Torino


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