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Superfoods: Myths and Truths

What is a ‘superfood’? What foods are ‘superfoods’? What effect do they have on the body and society? Find out with this course.


Explore the definition and impact of superfoods.

Goji berries, quinoa, amaranth and green tea are all foods that have been labelled ‘superfoods’. But what does this superfood label actually mean?

On this course you will learn about the definition of a ‘superfood’. You will consider the biological, neuroscientific and social aspects of superfoods. Developing your critical abilities, you will also evaluate the impact of the superfood phenomenon on society and the economy.

Please note this course runs without facilitation. The Educators won’t be able to join the discussions themselves or respond to individual comments, but the course encourages a strong learning community. The learning is focused around debate and discussion – supporting other learners, sharing your own experience and knowledge, and listening to new perspectives. We hope that you will enjoy interacting with and learning from each other in this way. Don’t forget to comment, reply to other learners and ‘like’ comments.


By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to.

  • Explain what the "superfood" label means

  • Describe the role of superfoods and their alternatives in a healthy diet

  • Compare nutritional values of “superfoods” and some of their alternatives

  • Reflect on the social aspects of superfoods production

  • Describe some mechanisms through which superfoods can be beneficial for our health

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Audience & Eligibility

Anyone interested in diet, psychology, health and ‘superfoods’.
You don’t need any previous experience.







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Structure & Modules

Week 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to superfoods
  • Characteristics of (super) foods

Week 2: Nutrient content of superfoods and their alternatives

  • Superfoods and their alternatives
  • Gluten free diets and alternative grains

Week 3: A "super" class of molecules: flavonoids

  • Introduction to flavonoids
  • Flavonoid effects on brain and cognition

Week 4: Are superfoods always safe?

  • Other kinds of superfoods
  • Are superfoods always safe?


Nira Ramachandran

Thank you for a very informative course, which we can immediately apply to our daily diets with the attendant benefits.

Programme lead

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Alessandro Cicerale

Research fellow and Lecturer at the University of Torino, Italy.