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Inspire - Sustainable Aquaculture

Join this 4 weeks programme that will give you an overview of aquaculture production in Europe


Aquaculture is an important source of aquatic food and sector for food security as many wild fisheries around the globe are over exploited or reaching their maximum sustainable potential. As a result, aquaculture has become one of the world’s largest growing food production technologies. Algal biomass production is a rapidly growing field with huge opportunities for entrepreneurs in food production and nutraceuticals. Whilst, shellfish and finfish cultivation and fish feed production present further opportunities. In order to maximise these worldwide opportunities for business creation in the aquaculture sector, knowledge of related technology and its application is vital.

The Inspire Sustainable Aquaculture programme will create a dynamic and supportive environment where participants will have the opportunity to create innovative solutions and business propositions, which increase the productivity and profitability of the aquaculture sector. The programme also aims to facilitate stakeholder engagement and partnerships through access to academics, leading companies in the industry and startups working to overcome challenges in the aquaculture sector at the live online events.

The programme will provide training and theory in finfish, shellfish, algae biology, culturing, growth, molecular and metabolite analysis; present the barriers and opportunities within the aquaculture sector from a stakeholders perspective; deliver entrepreneurial content and support to develop innovative solutions and business propositions for the aquaculture sector.


By the end of this programme you will be able to:

• Understand the aquaculture sector, including finfish and shellfish culturing methods and algae biotechnology.
• Identify short and long-term future consequences of decisions involving different components of the food system.
• Translate innovations into feasible business solutions for the food sector.
• Think beyond boundaries, and systematically explore and generate new ideas, responding to current and future challenges within the food system.

The Inspire - Sustainable Aquaculture will be delivered fully online and conclude with a final pitch event with fantastic prizes up for grabs!

The course is open to anyone with a Bachelor, MSc or PhD degree or substantial experience within the aquaculture sector or food system.

Our Sustainable Aquaculture Inspire Course is designed for individuals that are passionate to transform our food system into a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system for all. In particular, we are looking for aspiring entrepreneurs with a keen interest in the aquaculture and the marine sector, who would love to come up with innovative potential business ideas to revolutionise the industry.

Ideally, we are seeking Masters Students, PhD students, Posts-Docs, young professionals or aspiring entrepreneurs interested in aquaculture. We are interested in individuals from multidisciplinary backgrounds to work in teams to come up with innovative ideas e.g. Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Food Sciences, Engineering, Business / Marketing, Informatics and Computational Science, among others.

Career Opportunities

EIT Food is Europe's leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trusted.

Join us to gain insights into the food system and aquaculture sector and an opportunity to meet leading stakeholders in the food system from across Europe.

You also have an opportunity to design innovative solutions for the aquaculture sector and learn how to turn your ideas into business propositions. you can apply your newfound entrepreneurship skills to your future career.

Duration & Dates

The course lasts 3 weeks, from November 4th until November 25th of 2022.

Audience & Eligibility

Undergraduate diploma (or higher)
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Early-bird fee (until 6/10/2022) - 250€ (VAT excl.)
After the early-bird deadline - 350€ (VAT excl.)



Registration Open & Seats



Online, via zoom

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Structure & Modules

This INSPIRE focusing on Sustainable Aquaculture will be a 3-week intensive programme, which provides introductory training and theory in finfish, shellfish, and algae biology, culturing, growth, and molecular and metabolite analysis, under laboratory and small to large scale growth facilities. The programme will also outline the complex set of economic, environmental, technical, welfare, political, and market issues which impact the aquaculture sector, from a stakeholder’s perspective; and encourage students to develop innovative solutions to increase the sector's productivity and profitability. It will include a mixture of online learning materials, webinars, guest speakers, and activities related to sustainable aquaculture production and food security:

  • Module 1 – The Food System: Challenges in the food system and the role of aquaculture in taking pressure off over-exploited and plateauing wild fisheries and feeding a growing population
  • Module 2 – Aquaculture Production Systems – Aquatic Animals: Introduction to finfish and shellfish culturing methods
  • Module 3 – Aquaculture Production Systems – Algal biotechnology: Incorporating both micro and macro (seaweeds) algae and how they are involved in the sustainable aquaculture pipeline.
  • Module 4 – Aquaculture governance and society: Covering barriers and facilitators to aquaculture production from a stakeholders perspective; governance in aquaculture and marine management legal and regulatory frameworks; public perception, social licence and behaviour; and engagement, communication and marketing
  • Module 5 – Entrepreneurship content: To facilitate the development of innovative solutions to increase the productivity and profitability of the sector

The Inspire Sustainable Aquaculture programme will be delivered fully online.

This programme will take place for 3 weeks from 4th November 2022. Each week will focus on a specific topic. Throughout the programme, you will be provided with a dynamic and supportive environment to explore sustainable aquaculture, develop your entrepreneurial mind-set and learn how you can transform your ideas into business propositions.

The programme will take place online with a combination of online learning resources and live virtual sessions before concluding with a final pitch event on Friday 25th November.

The Inspire Sustainable Aquaculture programme will take place online with a combination of online learning resources; and live interactive virtual sessions:

  • Monday 1st November: Access to online learning resources
  • Friday 4th November: Live Virtual Kick-off Event
  • Friday 11th November: Aquaculture Production Systems Live Event
  • Weds 16th – Monday 21st: 4-day Live Aquaculture Industry Showcase & Make-a-thon
  • Friday 25th November: Live Aquaculture Pitch Event with Prizes

All of our online live events will take place from 10:00-15:30 CET. They have been designed to avoid online fatigue whilst ensuring you have an opportunity to meet a range of stakeholders involved in the food system and aquaculture sector.

Our online learning resources are available for you to complete in your own time. You will be expected to complete some pre-work, a number of short online quizzes and a final pitch in order to complete the course assignments. We have spread them into 5 key topics areas of approximately 2-4 hours’ worth of content each.

Total course time commitment = 60 hours

Programme lead

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Michaela Fox

Lecturer in Education working on the development of EIT Food Education programmes, Queen's University Belfast


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