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Improving Food Production with Agricultural Technology and Plant Biotechnology

Build your knowledge of food production challenges and technology with this online course for post-16 students of biology.


Learn how to address challenges in growing, harvesting, and processing food.

Are you inspired to join the next generation of scientists and tackle challenges in food security? On this course, you will get access to innovative research solutions that address some of the biggest issues in food, agriculture, and plant biotechnology.

You will become more familiar with the journey plants take, from crops in the field to food on your plate. You will explore the importance of scientific research in food security and discover the new technologies that are transforming agriculture.

This course is designed for 16-19 year olds studying biology related STEM subjects at A level or undergraduate level. It will also appeal to adults interested in the technology behind food production.


By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Identify the challenges involved in growing, harvesting and processing plant-based food
  • Explore the role of scientific research in addressing challenges in food security
  • Debate the opportunities and limitations of new technologies
  • Reflect on consumer trust in the science and technology involved in bringing food from the field to the supermarket

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Audience & Eligibility

16-19 year olds studying biology (more info above)
Adults interested in the technology behind food production







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Structure & Modules

Week 1: Plant Biotechnology

  • What is plant biotechnology?
  • Alternatives to plant biotechnology
  • What future solutions could plant biotechnology offer us?

Week 2: Agricultural Technology

  • What is agricultural technology?
  • Agricultural technology today
  • What future solutions could agricultural technology offer us?

Week 3: Applied Food Science Harvesting

  • What is food science?
  • What future solutions could food science offer us?


Andrea Cavero Arrivasplata

This course allowed me to know more about the new technologies used in agriculture. The ones that caught my attention the most were AI and Plant Biotechnology. At the end of each activity we were asked question that stimulated my curiosity.

Denizalp kargi

This course is a perfect beginner guide to get insights on agricultural innovation. The content is simple and entertaining, yet really effective in making one understand the development of agricultural technologies and how they work.

Programme lead

Picture 2
Charlotte Carroll

Project Manager for Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme, based at the Sainsbury Laboratory University of Cambridge