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Are you searching for a higher education programme related to Food Systems?

Then explore our variety of programmes aimed at students and young professionals.


EIT Food Education Programmes are designed to bring students, industry experts and entrepreneurs together to co-create new solutions for the Food System, tackle societal challenges and create real impact on our future.

The programmes run for different periods of time, and you can choose between those that last: a few weeks, several months or over a year.

Our programmes cover various topics including sustainable agriculture & aquaculture, targeted nutrition, sustainable food packaging and many more!

  • If you have a brilliant idea but are not sure how to transform it into an actual business, you can also follow our dedicated workshops.
  • A special range of courses are designed for young entrepreneurs to help you grow your business and become effective innovators.
  • Or if you wish to receive a more comprehensive understanding of the Food System, our EIT  Labelled Master or PhD Programmes could be for you.

All our programmes are innovative, multidisciplinary and follow a practice-based approach. You can specifically strengthen your core competencies in the following areas:

  • Food Systems: analyse systems and develop solutions using a system-based approach, as well as covering the regulatory aspects of innovations. 
  • Data management: develop and apply digital tools to access, manage, analyse and interpret data. 
  • Technology management: use of emerging technologies in innovation processes. 
  • Problem-solving: be able to analyse and fully understand an issue, generate new ideas, assess their validity, and co-create solutions in interdisciplinary settings. 
  • Critical thinking: assess facts and evidence to drive effective decision-making. 
  • Leadership: effective leadership and mobilisation of resources to accomplish a goal based on responsible management practices. 
  • Entrepreneurship: recognise, develop and seize entrepreneurial opportunities in a range of organisational settings. 
  • Communication: develop interpersonal communication skills and translate complex ideas for different audiences. 

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Our planet needs young talent, to make a real impact on society!

Our planet needs young talent, to make a real impact on society!

Watch the amazing story of our young entrepreneurs Banabooms.

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Innovation at Rothamsted Research

Innovation at Rothamsted Research

The WE Lead Food Programme enabled me to visualise the changes required.

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EIT awards two flagship education programmes with prestigious accreditation

EIT awards two flagship education programmes with prestigious accreditation

Masters in Food Systems and the doctoral Global Food Venture programme receive EIT Label

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"I consider the network one of the biggest advantages of the programme and I plan to continue to make use of it long after I graduate. The Master also made me realise that it’s a huge advantage to gain knowledge across many fields, rather than being a specialist in only one area. The course gave me the ability to look at things from a different, broader perspective and allowed me to assume the position of “dot-connector“ - so finding relationships between stakeholders and between seemingly unrelated things to better solve problems.”

Rieke Sproten

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We offer a broad range of Education Programmes.

If you are looking for short-term online courses, check out For Consumers. Are you studying, discover our For Students. In case you are a young or seasoned professional, explore For Professionals. Looking for trainings and development for your staff in your company, consider our offering For Organisations.

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