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Microbion    is    a    Contract    Research    Organisation    of         molecular         microbiology         applied         to         agriculture,     food     and     nutraceutical     industries.We  provide  scientific  services,  including:  phenotypic,  genetic,  genomic  and  metagenomic  custom-based  analysis; and we develop innovative diagnostics tools to   understand   microbial   biodiversity   for   industrial   exploitation.

We   offer   innovation   opportunities   and   problem-solving skills in all agrifood microbes either fermenting or contaminating.

Competences & Capabilities

Main   specialisation   is   the   application   of   cutting-edge   DNA   based   technologies   for   the   detection,   identification,     characterisation     and     tracking     of     microorganisms       and       microbial       communities.Microbion know-how includes:

  • Genes, genomes and metagenomes
  • DNA fingerprinting and authentication;
  • Best-performing strains;
  • Emerging contaminants;
  • Microbial stability & Challenge-Test;
  • Optimisation  and  validation  of  new  technologies  for microbial load reduction.
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