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KU   Leuven,   with   14   campuses   in   Flanders,   is   dedicated  to  education  and  research  in  nearly  all  fields. Its 15 faculties offer education, while research activities are organised by departments and research groups  from  Humanities  &  Social  Sciences,  Science,  Engineering  &  Technology,  and  Biomedical  Sciences.  Its   activities   cover   all   corners   of   the   knowledge   triangle:  innovation,  education  &  business  creation.  Its  TTO  spun  off  more  than  128  companies  across  a  range of industries.

Competences & Capabilities

The  Leuven  Food  Science  and  Nutrition  Research  Centre   groups   the   university’s   expertise   in   the   food-nutrition  area  covering  e.g.  plant-  &  animal-based  food  systems,  processing,  safety  &  storage,  ICT,  nutrition  &  health  and  consumer  science.  The  university fosters an entrepreneurial spirit. Combined with its education programmes it offers opportunities for  attracting/educating  top  talent  and  leveraging  innovation by interdisciplinary partnerships.

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Leuven Food Science and Nutrition Research Centre (LFoRCe), Kasteelpark Arenberg 20 /2463
Leuven 3001
Dr. Kurt Gebruers Innovation Manager

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