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Givaudan captures the essence of the moment, bringing you memorable flavours, natural preservatives, colours, ingredients with health benefits, active cosmetic ingredients and fragrances to be enjoyed throughout the day. We maintain our leadership position – approximately 25% of our industry’s global market share – by challenging ourselves daily, inspiring our partnerships across the globe and serving our customers with heart and soul. 

Competences & Capabilities

  • Natural Products: Extraction, Isolation, Identification, Reconstitution, TasteTrek
  • Flavour Delivery: Encapsulation, Emulsions, Material Science
  • Flavour Design: Flavour Creation, Food Products, Performance Data, Advanced Modelling
  • Sensory Science: Profiling, Measurements, Preference Res.
  • Taste/Aroma Ingredients: Organic Synthesis, Biotechnology, Process Flavours, Molecular Biology, Engineering
  • Botanical Extracts: Colours, Preservatives, Health Benefits, Clinical Trials
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Ueberlandstrasse 138
Duebendorf 8600
Mandy Schischkowski Blumer, Executive Assistant

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