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ARIA s.r.l. is an ISO 9001 certified company dealing with

  1. Risk analysis of complex technological systems;
  2. Health and Safety;
  3. Assessment of the reliability and availability of process plant;
  4. Development, analysis and audit of Management Systems, including ISO22000;
  5. Information, education and training of employees, working personnel and consumers
  6. Technological risk evaluation integrated with human factors.

Competences & Capabilities

ARIA strengths and fields of expertise mainly are represented by

  • Risk assessment and management in process (and food) industry;
  • Safety in the work environment;
  • Analysis of specific risks (ATEX for gas and organic dust, machinery, chemical & biological, fire)
  • Risk analysis along the food supply chain;
  • Operators’ training
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Via Colli 24
Torino 10129
Eleonora Pilone, Secretariat

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