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Non-profit  association  of  farmers  founded  in  1944  by  decree  of  the  Italian    President.  AIA’s  mission  is  to  promote,  valorise  and  improve    national  livestock  production and quality trough data collection on farm, extension  services  and  genetic  improvement  of  local  as well as cosmopolite breeds.More   than   46   thousands   farmers   are   nowadays   associated. AIA primarily focuses on dairy and beef. 

Competences & Capabilities

  • National     reference     organisation     for     animal     performance and reproductive data  recording.
  • Centre  for  milk  and  analysis  through  12  fully  equipped labs spread across Italy.
  • Centre   for   genetic   and   genomic   on   domestic   animals  through  a  lab  equipped  with  the  more  advanced technologies available on the market.
  • Promotional,  technical,  economical  and  scientific  activities.
  • Strong connections with national and international research     bodies,     breeder     associations     and     livestock centres.
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Via XXIV Maggio 45
Rome 00187
Riccardo Negrini

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