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Behind Delicious Data stand the two founders Jakob Breuninger (l.) and Valentin Belser (r.). Valentin has a master's degree in aerospace engineering and is responsible for sales and operations. He explained how their start-up increases the sustainability along the food value chain.

Today a selection of food experts from the cross-KIC initiative Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe share their thoughts with us. The objective of this programme is to enhance knowledge and overcome current barriers to tackle water scarcity in Southern Europe.

Research has proven the positive role that experiential learning plays in the career outcomes of  graduates, with business internships undertaken whilst at university helping to improve students’ chances of finding employment upon graduation. The remarkable success of EIT  Food RIS Fellowships interns also explicitly demonstrates that internships greatly enhance career prospects in the food sector for those who decide to challenge themselves in a business environment and expose themselves to real job tasks.

We are in the midst of a sustainability crisis: it is well recognised that the social and environmental impacts of today’s food production are unsustainable. We need to change the way we do things, creating sustainable, healthy food systems. But who will lead this revolution? The answer does not lie in the tried and tested systems of the past - it lies in a more disruptive, entrepreneurial approach, led by a more diverse cast of actors.

The need for sustainable innovations in the agri-food industry is vital. EIT Food’s innovation projects aim to address sustainability challenges by providing solutions across the food system. Find out more about the projects that are making innovation happen in the post below.

As consumers, we rely on the food industry to provide us with the foods we want and need. Is the food industry doing a good job at this? We ask consumers whether they trust the industry to do the right thing.