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Josh Harte, Ed Sheeran’s personal chef, explores his passion for food sustainability and innovation as he tours Europe with the music icon. This week: Lisbon!

Josh Harte explores his passion for food sustainability and innovation as he tours Europe with the music icon, meeting local food heroes working towards a more sustainable food future.

Food safety is an increasingly international concern. Notably, more than 23 million people per year become ill from foodborne contamination in Europe and about 4,700 of those cases annually are fatal. So, which should be the next steps to increase Europeans’ confidence in their food?

Recently UN Secretary-General António Guterres issued a call reminding humanity of “the battle of our lives” on World Environment Day: a battle to limit environmental damage and pollution, which causes global warming and the climate crisis. Agriculture is one of the major contributors of air pollution. Therefore, we need a change towards promoting sustainable practices to protect the planet and help future generations to feed rising populations.

With new cautionary guidelines and calls for change about what to eat, nutrition is much more than food —it is also about the health of the planet. Now, governments and experts in nutrition are creating new models and tools to help consumers understand food’s role in their health and the planet’s health.

The agrifood industry has created many problems, but these challenges also come with many opportunities for innovation and change. The global community is working towards improving the food system, but different actors have to be involved: farmers, governments, private companies, How can you get involved in building a better agrifood system?