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Programme Manager Innovation North-East

Category: Innovation  Location: Warsaw, Poland 

  • Participating actively in developing the central Innovation Program strategy with a focus on value creation, market impact, financial sustainability and consumer involvement with insights from Northern and Baltic Countries.
  • Collaborate with KICs Partner organizations as well as stakeholders/customers to shape, develop and market the portfolio.
  • Designing, monitoring and reporting on the ROI of the portfolio.
  • Steering the activity leaders in terms of product/service delivery and solving operational issues.
  • Reporting on innovation activity results in terms of KPIs, achievements, deliverables and success stories.
  • Providing technical understanding of the expertise within the Innovation Team.
  • Setting up the Digital Technology tool (Food Systems Lab) to manage and promote data, know-how and facilities to EITFood Partners.
  • Reporting to Director of Innovation KIC and Director CLC North-East.


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