Programme manager Cross-KIC / Circular Food System

Location: Leuven, Belgium 

EIT Food is part of a larger network of Knowledge and Innovation Communities addressing societal challenges such as Climate Change (Climate-KIC) and Digitalisation (EIT Digital). Some of the projects of EIT Food are a collaboration between these different communities, called Cross-KIC projects. As Programme Manager Cross-KIC, you will facilitate and drive these Cross-KIC activities on regional level (Belgium, France and Switzerland) focusing on the topic of a circular food system.
Together with local stakeholders you will facilitate the creative process of searching for solutions to make cities and regions circular systems, addressing challenges such as food waste, packaging waste, and CO2/NH3 emissions. A system innovation approach is used to work with the different stakeholders along the food supply chain to generate a high impact on society.

You will coordinate the cross-KIC programmes ‘Advanced Climate Resilient, Sustainable Cities’ and ‘Circular Economy Collaboration’ and the local community projects around this topic, including ‘Leuven 2030’. Responsibilities are:

  • drive the execution/lead the monitoring of the activities within the Cross-KIC programmes and report on the activities
  • drive the execution/lead the creative process with local key stakeholders of searching for solutions to make cities and regions circular systems by using a system innovation approach
  • drive the execution/lead the set up of a call for proposals for our partners
  • search for and apply to additional funding opportunities for projects on the topic of circular food systems
  • act as a main contact/matchmaker of the EIT Food network of partners, cities and other possible collaborators in the area of circular food systems
  • create, expand and maintain a strong regional network of stakeholders (industries, universities, cities, SME’s, start-ups) to share good practices and to ensure maximum engagement 
  • You will actively connect with other Programme Managers on the regional level to effectively deliver the EIT Food Business Plan, for example co-organising local events for partners and outreach events


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