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Agriculture Project Manager

Category: Business Creation  Location: Madrid, Spain 

The Agriculture Project Manager will be responsible for two pioneering new agriculture programmes. The first, called Test Farms, links high potential agricultural startups with farmers in Southern Europe helping to digitalize agriculture and tackle problems from water scarcity to climate change. The second programme, The Regenerative Agriculture Revolution,is an initiative that aims to inspire and incentivize European farmers to adopt more regenerative agricultural practices. Equally, regenerative agriculture has been billed as one of the most powerful ways that we slow down and even stop climate change – but is woefully underpracticed in Europe. 

You will report to the Business Creation Manager at CLC South and the Director of the CoLocation Centre.


Test Farms:

  • Ensure the successful delivery of the remaining months of the Test Farms pilot of 2019.
  • Review the Test Farms pilot of 2019 and refine the programme structure for the programme’s full launch in Spring 2020.
  • Deliver the Test Farms programme in 2-3 Southern European countries, partnering at least 20 startups with as many farmers.
  • Build relationships with agricultural consultants and other project partners to deliver the programme. These partners might include: agricultural cooperatives, farmers associations, young farmers groups, etc.
  • Scout for and then select high-quality agricultural startups to participate in the programme. 
  • Oversee the monitoring and evaluation of Test Farms Pilot of 2019 and 2020. The selected candidate will hopefully develop real expertise in identifying how startups and farmers can best work together, and the type of technological solutions we need to transform our agricultural sector.

Regenerative Agriculture Revolution

  • Help design a new project to encourage methods of regenerative agriculture amongst farmers in Southern Europe. The project is in its infancy and so the selected candidate will have the opportunity to really shape the design of this project.
  • Through comprehensive research, become EIT Food’s ‘expert’ on regenerative agriculture.
  • Build partnerships with organisations (businesses, startups etc) to help deliver the regenerative agriculture project. These might be existing EIT Food partners or others.
  • Project manage a series of partners to ensure the goals of the regenerative agriculture programme are achieved.
  • Scout for farmers who might be interested in participating in the regenerative agriculture activities. At least 10 farms should participate in the pilot project.
  • Produce and distribute compelling communications on the Test Farms and Regenerative Agriculture projects to inform people.
  • Design and help manage the budget for the programme.


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