The FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and EatingHealthy Video Infotainment Series

The FutureKitchen Virtual Reality and EatingHealthy Video Infotainment Series

In 2019, EIT Food Partners are debuting ‘Future Kitchen’, an exciting new virtual reality, video and animation series on FoodUnfolded.

Incorporating smart kitchen devices developed by our very own RisingFoodStars, the Future Kitchen series provides an immersive experience keeping you up-to-date on everything you need to know about food, including sustainability, the journey from ‘farm-to-fork’, eating healthy and cooking, and innovation in the food sector. 

Videos are published on FoodUnfolded. FoodUnfolded is a global, digital platform that creates and shares original content on the latest food and agricultural innovations.

The video series shows how technology in Europe is integrated into people’s daily life and in the food industry, how technology helps to solve problems and how it is transforming the way food is produced along the chain. 

The Virtual Reality experiences do not only allow the spectator to have a 360-degree view, they also give the feeling of being physically part of the story. Finding yourself surrounded by tomatoes or in a boat in Iceland fishing cod is an opportunity to discover the origin of food. 
What we are trying to do is to explore the potential of virtual reality to connect people with food tech more effectively”, said Dr. Holly T. Kristinsson, Consultant for Innovation and Market Analysis at Matis, and Coordinator of the Future Kitchen project. “With consumer trust in the food system at an all-time low, we need to step up, reconnect with people and inspire them.”

3D Printed Seafood | Look Inside (360 Video)

Iceland Tomato Farm | Look Inside (360 Video)

Forging ahead
The series will expand in scope, involving significantly more technologies. Not only will we be highlighting future kitchen devices and food origins, but robotics, metabolomics, personalized nutrition, macro and microalgae processing, and novel food processing including how alternative proteins and foods are made.


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