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The #AnnualFoodAgenda 2020

The #AnnualFoodAgenda 2020

The 2020 Annual Food Agenda project aims to engage consumers in a series of interactive outreach events across several countries, using co-creation and educational approaches. 

These events will cover some of the food topics aligned with EIT Food Strategic objectives, to make sure that food is valued throughout society. This project encourages consumers to embark on a trustworthy food journey, in which they will better understand some topics such as healthy nutrition and food sustainability. The project aims not only to empower future generations of consumers, but to inspire them to consider careers which are food related. In 2020, the participation of new partners will allow an increase in the scope and resonance of the events in a larger area of Europe. The project’s main goal will be to continue designing activities that encourage debate among academia, industry and consumers, so that we are able to gain the trust of consumers and convert them into active players as change agents. The project will target young people, families and food stakeholders.


The following partners are involved in the project

Grupo AN S.Coop

Project team

Sara Castillo

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Contact details

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