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Consumer attitudes towards healthier processed meat products

Consumer attitudes towards healthier processed meat products

This project tests the acceptability of novel healthy processed meat products incorporating plant-based ingredients among European consumers. 

The countries investigated will be UK, Spain and Denmark, countries with high meat consumption rates (> 80 kg per person/year in UK and Denmark and > 90 kg per person/year in Spain). Popular and highly consumed meat products will be selected in each country, such as sausages, fermented meats, hamburgers and frankfurters made from different meat types (pork, chicken, lamb or beef).

These meat products will be associated with plant-based ingredients to deliver specific health and nutritional claims, such as

  1. fibre incorporation,
  2. modified fat profiles (lower saturated fats, cholesterol, and higher polyunsaturated fats) and
  3. salt reduction.

These concepts will be co-created with consumers via workshops and focus groups. After the focus groups, selected concepts will be tested with an online survey with 1000 consumers in each of the three countries. The most preferred product concepts will be manufactured and the quality of these prototypes will be assessed through consumer sensory testing. This will gather consumer insights on which combinations of meat products and plant-based ingredients associated with health benefits are preferred by consumers from the different countries and from diverse habits, attitudes and socio-demographic groups.


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University

Project Lead

Simona Grasso

University of Reading

Contact details

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