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O-Live: Smart targeting of personalised food advice

O-Live: Smart targeting of personalised food advice

The food that consumers buy and eat is influenced by a complex interaction of cognitive, sensory, economic, and health factors that lead to gaps between their intentions and behaviour.

By modelling the complex decision-making processes underlying an individual’s food choices, our tool will identify the unique profile of these factors and provide tailored advice, enabling individual consumers to align their food choice with their intentions by removing the cognitive load of processing these multiple factors. The tool,  co-created with consumers and aligned to other EIT Food projects, will be unique as the advice given is not based only on nutritional guidance, but on other dimensions relevant to food choice that have been neglected to date like cognitive biases and individual differences in sensory liking . Advice strategies will be designed in such a way to exploit recent advances in “nudge techniques” to effectively, but indirectly, move consumers towards their desired food choices.


The following partners are involved in the project


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Rachel Mccloy

University of Reading

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