The RisingFoodStars Association is an umbrella organisation for high potential, game-changing mature agrifood startups and early scaleups, enabling its members to participate as Partners in all EIT Food activities.

This unique Association provides outstanding young companies access to knowledge, networks and the opportunity to actively engage in EIT Food’s activities. By joining RisingFoodStars, you benefit from access to our expert network of Partners, programmes, technological infrastructure and entrepreneurship support as well as potential customers and distribution channels. All of this provides the opportunity to significantly accelerate your international growth potential.  

It’s not just you who will benefit. By becoming a member of RisingFoodStars, you will be able to actively drive the innovations of the future within this large network. The collaborations between RisingFoodStars and the other EIT Food Partners provide an entrepreneurial and agile innovation culture bringing complementary competences from the entire food ecosystem and unprecedented value to the table, in terms of cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models.  

The RisingFoodStars Association will elevate your business to the next level, helping you to become the international game changers of the future.


  • Facilitated access to, and collaboration with, our expert network of industrial and academic Partners, as well as potential customers and distribution channels. 
  • Encouragement to further evolve your innovations in EIT Food projects in an international context. 
  • Increased visibility by facilitated access to the most important agrifood events both in and beyond Europe. 
  • Advice on European project opportunities including funding/financing possibilities and innovation content.  
  • Support in innovation, investments and business (currently under development). 
  • Facilitated access to laboratories and equipment (such as for prototyping or scaling facilities) at partner research institutions and companies to further develop your products or technologies. 


Do you want to help transform the food system and become a member of RisingFoodStars? 

Applications for RisingFoodStars are now closed. A yearly call for new members opens each Spring on F6S for impactful mature startups and scaleups, which are part of, or bring added value to, the agrifood ecosystem.  

Please refer to the application Terms and Conditions for full details about the process and eligibility criteria.

For more information, please contact our RisingFoodStars Manager.

Project lead

Dr. Annick Verween

EIT Food

Contact details


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